Terrene Odyssey is a like a random encounter of a JRPG except this time you’re facing off against another party. Gain XP and Level up! Your characters will be lined up and players can take familiar actions against each other; Use Commands, Items, Attack or Run.What makes Terrene Odyssey unique is the Starting Party Composition. Players can pick the cards they start the game with on turn 0. Every turn of Terrene Odyssey is the core of an intense battle. Compose interesting opening compositions from your 30 card deck with the Starting Party Composition and deduce your opponent’s build to get an edge! On round 2 / 3 how will you mix up your build?


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Terrene Odyssey is an all-inclusive battle card game that eliminates the needs for trading and collecting and let’s  you jump straight into a deep customizable experience. Straight out of the box, you have 6 pre-constructed unique decks to immediately jump into the action. The game is fully customizable and comes with an additional 100+ cards. The entire card pool of 324 cards in one box!



  • Core Mechanic: Original ‘Starting Party Composition’ mechanic gives players extreme control over the games systems but they must also use psychology to predict and deduce their opponent’s build ( starting party choices)
  • 1v1 or 2v2 Competitive Formats.
  • One copy of the game delivers 108 unique cards and three copies of each. No trading or collecting. Jump straight into the game.
  • Casually accessible. Competitively balanced.
  • A new and original universe gives Terrene Odyssey strong and interesting art direction.


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Executive Producer                                                Jessica Solis
Executive Producer                                                Fernando Almeida
Executive Producer                                                5/7 Games
Lead Game Balance                                                Jaryd Hutchins
Lead Artist                                                               Megan Cheever
Artist                                                                         Kristopher Satterwhite
Artist                                                                         Kunyang Hu
Artist                                                                         Mingyung Hu
Artist                                                                         Melissa Yabumoto
Artist                                                                         Rob Joseph
Artist                                                                         Sloane Earl
Artist                                                                         Stepanie Carey
Artist                                                                         Sonya Indira Abby Sokomo
Artist                                                                         Adrienne Mata
Symbol Artist                                                            Cristina Perez
Lead Playtester                                                        Jaryd Hutchins
Playtester                                                                 Jacob Grenier
Playtester                                                                 Jessica Solis
Playtester                                                                 Alex Hurley
Editor and Lore Writer                                             Deborah Zlatarev
Editor                                                                       Joshua Anderson
Editor                                                                       Ben Rog-wilhelm
Editor                                                                       Rafeal Vega


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